Fostex Model 80

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Fostex Model 80, 8 track reel to reel & second Model 80 for parts. Parts deck is complete except for pinch roller, and capstan won't turn. (This could be belt or motor). Some red LEDs are out on the working deck (a common problem with these) but all LEDs work on the parts deck. Picture is the deck recording a -10dB (0VU) 1kHz tone from a Teac 5 I also for sale. (Local only) I.e. 0VU on the board = 0VU on the deck, so you can monitor your levels from the board not the deck. Heads are in great shape on both machines. Comes with remote and printed manuals. I will also include 10 reels of **new tape** a mix of 1 mil and 1.5 mil Ampex, Quantegy, and Maxell and a takeup reel. $1,000 including shipping (USA "lower 48 only"). PM me for better photos of the heads. AK, HI, Can, EU add $200 for shipping. Shipping is expensive, but I've had decks trashed by idiots who don't know how and do it on the cheap.00O0O_eyxlUp7YQoDz_0ww0oo_1200x900.jpg


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