Fostex G16 Calamity


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Hi all
I just purchased a second hand G16. It was working fine. Then I carelessly turned the machine a little to check the cables at the rear. The power cable must have been not fully home as it dropped out... I reckon this was during play. Now the unit lights up and the controls seem to be OK.. but nothing works as I get CAM error. I tried clearing it by "holding down the stop button for several seconds" but this problem won't go away. Anybody have some helpful suggestions? Needless to say... I am gutted as I was looking forward to trying the new gizmo but seemed to have killed it in about 10 minutes.
I have no 1st hand experience with that machine but I'd check all internal fuses to make certain everything is getting power.
Oh praise the Lord. I managed to clear it. I guess the method might be useful to anyone else in this position. I was just getting poised to delve into the service manual and then I reasoned that it was probably like an old VCR... accidental power off when cycling throws the mechanism out of kilter. I thought I could access the CAM mechanism and reposition it manually before powering on and let it gather itself again. I got as far as removing the head cover and then simply held the pinch roller down as I powered up. This clearly allowed the mechanism to unjam and it promptly healed itself. I am sooo relieved. I didn't get as far as checking the fuses... but all the displays were working OK. Thankfully I can put the panel covers back on and breathe again. Thanks
That's one of those great little tricks us old reel to reelers got used to. My old Ferrograph had some quirks when you changed speed. Just how these old electro-mechanical things were! Glad you fixed it!
Yes... :P I am currently wrestling with a Ferrograph series 5 as well... a lot more volts... but essentially a lot simpler than modern gear.