Fostex 2412 power supply


Anyone know where to get a power supply for the 2412 mixer? Found one for a good price but not so good if no power supply..:(
Have you contacted Fostex?

IIRC this is fairly mundane PSU. It provides +15V, -15V and 48V. Unfortunately, it uses a proprietary connector.

If you are willing to do some DIY, there are a lot of PSU's to choose from. Just replace the connector on the mixer with a 5 pin XLR and buy a generic PSU. According to the specs, it's only 95 W.
Thanks for the reply cyrano....Thought about that. Might be the way to go.Emailed Fostex but no reply yet..Only been a cpl days....So there are only 3 connections from the power supply? Why the 14 pin plug?? :wtf: Thanks
I once repaired one of these PSU's. Unfortunately, no notes, no pics and my memory isn't that good.

I do remember being a little awry of the sizes. It's a big desk with a small PSU. That's why I had a look in the manual, that states 95W, which is minimal IMHO for a 24 into 12 desk. I mean, even the smallest Soundcraft has a 150W PSU and that one gets hot...

If it were my desk, I'd source a 250W standard PSU and replace the proprietary connector.

But maybe there's also 24V or so for the meters?

I don't have a service manual, not schematics. Any chance you can open the beast and have a look at the number of wires and markings on the PCB? Maybe take some pics and post these here?
I haven't bought the mixer yet....Didn't want to put money in it if I couldn't power it up...I guess for $90 I could roll the dice....
I would buy it. But I'm a gear slut... :D

This mixer has the reputation of being noisy. There's a fair chance it's related to it's teensy PSU. I did a bit of digging. There's a remarkable number of these being sold without PSU over the years.

And I'm looking for a desk with lots of group outs...
The question is what happen to the power supply or did the guy forget to steal that part? In the case of an extreme situation a person could take the schematics of the mixer determine the voltages needed and design their own power supply. It would have to be a person of some good technical abilities. It can't be that hard to do.