Fly Away (Mixing Feedback Requested)

Matthew M.

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Recently, I dusted off an old song I wrote 15 years ago that I never quite properly finished, but always wanted to. So, after tweaking some things, re-recording certain parts, I have a rough mix going, but I still think I'm quite a ways away. The problem is, I'm not quite sure how to proceed. Some issues I'm having, plus some notes:

1. Despite EQ'ing all reverbs/delays, and carving out space as best as I could, it still sounds muddy. Or, if I tweak, then it sounds weak; I can't seem to find a middle ground.
2. When the harmonies kick in, I feel like I'm struggling to get a good balance where they get either too loud (and interfere with the rest of the instruments to where it sounds like, drums, bass, and vocals), or they aren't loud enough.
3. While I'm trying to build the song out as it goes on, the first two verses aren't sounding right. I'm trying to go for something spare, and gentle, but I'm not hearing that.
4. The song is intended to have a dreamy, almost disoriented feel in places, hence the slightly spacey guitars and feel.
5. The lyrics are awful, I know, I plan to rewrite most of them. Same with some vocals which I know are rough.

Because I'm increasingly unsure of how to proceed, I thought I'd ask for some fresh and objective ears to provide any feedback and point out any issues that I'm missing, be it mixing or even arrangement. Instrumentation is as follows:

Four Rhythm Guitars (two playing lower notes panned left, two playing higher notes panned right)
Acoustic Guitar


Fly Away (Rough Mix) by The M&M Tune Factory | Free Listening on SoundCloud



I listen to it on my TV and from what I can hear, two things strike me: The drums sounds a bit to "punchy?". If the goal is more dreamy, spacey vibe, maybe try less punch on drums..? Second: I cant decide if the main voice is a bit out of tune, here and there or if it is suppose to be like that.
Anyway: I liked the song and it sounds very well produced.



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I agree with seeking, the vocals seem a bit out of tune in some parts.

I liked the drums though, I think is nice to have a down to earth thing in even in a dreamy song. The choirs are beautiful btw, really nice job.



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Mix wise I don't think you are too far off - things sound pleasantly well balanced to me and the mix doesn't get in the way of the song. The areas I would work on are panning - at the moment it is too Left Centre Right with nothing in between. I'd suggest panning a couple of the guitar parts less hard (say 40%) to give a bit more spread. I also feel that the reverbs on the guitars and vocals need work - maybe a little predelay or something to give a bit more space. I'd also agree that the lyrics need work - too many cliches in there at the moment.

Bulls Hit

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Overall the mix sounds OK on headphones but you're right there's something off with the main vocal in the first 2 verses especially. I would start by taking off all the effects, then high pass and compressing the main vocal and see how it sits dry


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I like the vibe/music a lot , almost reminds me of the band Grandaddy. I'm the last guy to crit vocals...I do like the dreamy kinda falsetto vibe . Really liked the backing vocals about 3/4 way through...almost a beach boys sound . I think your off to a great start!!!