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I'm new into the home recording.My question is the sound of my voice against the other intruments sounds like it's flat against it and not part of it.My equipment is not the best. I'm recording onto cassette from cassette of music from Jammer and vsc55 with a live mic all into a mixer then into cassette. Radio Shack mic. I'm more interested in blending the sound. Isit the Mic or walls. Whats important in the room e.g. walls, size, material? Thanks

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let me go out on a limb and say it's probably your whole set up. You work with what you got so then I'll say it's your mic. You could have other problems such as eq settings on your mixer but you can bet your mic isn't helping much. You're recording into a second generation medium yet your vocals are getting the strait shot into your final product. You vocals will pretty much stand out as being crisp and above the music. You might be able to play with the eq a bit on both the tape channels on the mixer and your mic to find a happy blending point. Good luck. p.s. if you don't have effects on your vocals it will make them stand out and seem rather flat. Try singing in the Bathtub, it worked for Weird Al.

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