First Video - 12th St Station Blues


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The song sounds great. Kinda got lost listening and didn't really pay too much attention to the video. lol. :o
Thanks for sharing.


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Agreed, it's a really solid song, performed and sang very well.

I may not be the best on providing constructive criticism - and you may not be looking for it regarding the video...but

I really enjoyed the moments 3/4 of the way through where you made it more personal, showed some shots of you, the recording process, etc.

The rest of the video was quality video - just too predictable. Of course, I'm sure already know this, as you mentioned in the post that it's simply you in the studio.

I've never made a my criticisms are minimal at best...but even adding more personal video shots could make it really pop.

Again, great job!



First of all, I think you should reshoot video of the guitarist(s).
For unknown reasons, their faces are cut and all we can see is just headless bodies holding guitars.
Thats should be changed.
The singer's face is always shown in one angle. That should be changed (front, sides, etc). Its also almost like from behind. Thats not comfortable angle.

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This is a great track, and I enjoyed listening to it . . . a lot!

The video was ok. I kind of get the quirky headless guitar players . . . but like Stonejack, I would prefer to see the heads attached. Daryl mentioned that 3/4 through it became more human. That's because we saw more than just strumming (or picking).

The editing was tight and snappy, but in the end, it was a series of images that repeated themselves.
Well.. I do all the parts including vocals, and I guess the original concept was that my face wouldn't be seen at all... Like the person performing it is a mystery, instead of "ewww it's some middle age creepy guy!" :eek: