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I have had a few problems with logic not playing the first bar when cycle part of a track. It will play it back if I start from the beginning but when it cycles back it misses it out completely. The re are notes there and Logic appears to read it. The playhead moves over the notes but no sound! I've moved the track to start on the 2nd and 3rd bar but its the same.

Its happened on two Macs with three different tracks last night and today. I'm baffled. Please can you help?

I've never seen/heard that. Are you sure you don't have some [volume] automation on the main/stereo out that's affecting your monitoring?

If nothing else, zip of the project/package and put it in a dropbox and I could try to see if it repros on my system.
I just tried it again with a simple 4 bar recording. Same. I appreciate your offer and can send you it but you might need to help me understand how to do it. I only know how to do it with someone's email?
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I got the project via the Dropbox link you sent, and I replied with a project that fixes the issue in 2 ways.

Logic is not going to (apparently) play the first MIDI in a cycle region if it begins before the cycle region. So you have to move the cycle start (and maybe end) so it includes all notes that are playing at the beginning of the loop; *or* move note(s) that start before the cycle region. (In the sample you sent, each measure's note began just before the measure.)

If you really want the loop to play with MIDI anticipating the beat, you'll have to adjust the placement of the loop so it comes out that way, I suspect. (Not a MIDI person :))
Thank you Keith. Sorted now and got what you mean. had to zoom right in to find out what you meant in my original but I will be more careful in future. I'm glad it's an easy mistake to sort :D
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In case anyone stumbles into this, I've attached a little screenshot of the sample MIDI project/track willie45 let me look at.

In the upper part of the image, the cycle region and track content appear to be aligned on the measure/bar lines, but when you expand the view in the "piano roll" (bottom part of image), it's obvious that the MIDI content actually begins a tiny bit before the cycle region. This causes the MIDI data in that first measure to not get picked up when the [cycle] region loops.


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