Finding the right vocal presets and effects to record myself with

I need help finding the right way to record myself, I mainly do hip-hop and R&B and I think I have a decent singing voice but I don't know the proper techniques to make it sound how I want it to.
Hey...welcome! We need a bit more to help you out. Tell us what equipment you are using (mic...tape....Audio Interface...DAW...whatever) and maybe some of the settings you use. We can take a look at them online and see what they can do and how to use them.

Also...and this is important....we need a sample of a recording you've made and what you like and don't like about it. It would also help for you to give us a sample or point to a sample of how you want to sound.

I'm guessing we can help you.

Use the 'pink noise' generator from an RTA. Contect it in paralllel. (Thats 3 'L' so's its special.) get a gate in front with a threshold to trigger.

Mix that with yer PA voice. Smush it all together in the limiter at the end of a preamp chain.

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