Films - Good or Bad


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I had better do this then because Mick's gone AWOL.

Films/Movies recommended or not recommended to watch.


Watched a good one the other night on Netflix (rare). It will make you jump is all I will say............ 'Drag Me To Hell' 2009.

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Just watched Six Minutes to Midnight this afternoon. I have HBO and Showtime as part of my package.

A week ago, I watched the original Airplane! and Airplane2 movies. Those things are hilarious!

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I am serious... and don't call me Shirley!
Watched one last week, Inside Llewyn Davis, on Amazon. A 2013 Coen Brothers film. I think it is billed as a "dark comedy". I'm not sure about the comedy part, but yeah it was kind of dark. Actually, maybe a bit slow, but not bad. A glimpse into early 60's Greenwich Village folk music scene, although those who were there have panned it as too dark & dour and not representative of the good old days in The Village. Recommended, if you're into that sort of thing.

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Supposed to be a good film and good reviews on IMDB. We thought it was crap.

Hidden Figures was pretty good. 9/10. No sex or violence. Get with the woman and watch a nice movie.

No shaky camera or horrible superhoeros.

'Shutter Island'.
Great film for the first 60% of the film and then the most ridiculous complicated ending anybody could make up. It was if they had just 5 minutes to think of an ending. Another one with great review scores on IMDB.


'Forgotten Battle'.
Kind of a war film but different. Following 3 people in a town in WW2.

Here is another Beak fav..Winters Bone. A cozy little tale about a girl stepping up to the plate of life. Taking the bull by the horns and leading her family to safety.
If I recall, this was Jennifer Lawrence’s breakout film. She was excellent in it, and quite young at the time.

Three decent films I watched lately were Tender Bar on Amazon, and Coda and Finch on ATV+. Not earthshaking, but ok.
Grand Tourino awesome flick. Now "get me another beer dragon Lady"
Eastwood recorded some soundtrack work too. Still heart felt performances from the Honky Tonk Man..
Nah, you don't get to taste the dragon..

Nobody! When you need to kill every mutherfuckr cause your all bad..
I was a medic 12 years south side..I wont give you no straw..
Mick, that Inside Lllwynn Davis was ok. Slow. It had a strange feeling to it. Like he was trapped somewhere..or he gave up the fight long ago. If he was in the merchan marines perhaps there is a better story there with his travels. He seemed stuck in a dead end.

Shutter island, was horrible. Not believable and not a comedy. Again a movie where they are trapped somewhere. dumb idea for a movie. People go to movies to escape.

Ill hit up forgotten battle this weekend if I have time, I liked Memphis belle and Saving Ryan.

Mick is Fauci having some me time on onlyfans surrounded by portraits of himself? You didnt really watch that?