Film Studio conversion

rob aylestone

I spent much of today at a closed USAF base where one of the old hangar type buildings is about to be converted into a studio space and the acoustics were immense! They wanted an opinion on if a 'solution' was viable. 35m x 30m, ceiling probably 10m at the highest point. All walls and floor solid concrete and the roof solid sheet material. Clapping your hands was scary. Did I think that 6m tall heavy drapes all the way around would be sufficient to silence it? It didn't take long to say! It isn't just home recordists who struggle!
Huge hangers (and noisy outdoor spaces) are why movie studios use 'ADR' (Additional Dialog Recording) during production.
Indeed, but they want to be able to record audio in there. Doing some preliminary costings on just Rockwool to cover over 10,000 sq metres of concrete is, er, interesting.