Few Basic Questions About Logic Pro X


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1.) Every time I open Logic is gives me a message "Audio File Not Found". It gives me 3 options "Skip All" "Search" "Skip" and " Locate".
Whichever I click on gives me the same result, It just goes to my most recent project, without any audio lost. How can I open Logic and have it
just show me my projects? why do I always have this message pop up every time I open Logic?

2.) How can I delete a region of recorded audio, without having the pop up box ask me if I'm sure I want to delete the recorded audio?
This is extremely annoying having the pop up box every time you want to delete a riff or region while recording.
(GarageBand you can simple just hit "delete" on your keyboard and continue recording)

3.) How do I change my tracks from recording mono to stereo?


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Probably not much help here, but -

1) Not sure what's going except the obvious, that there's a file, maybe a sample or something that Logic is expecting to load for your project and can't find it. I'm not going try to tell you where all that stuff is supposed to be, because I don't know. But as a possible workaround, you can change the start up behavior in Preferences - General - Project Handling. Maybe one of those choices is what you want.

2) I dunno... I don't get a popup when cutting or deleting regions, and I couldn't find a Preference setting to make it do that. Now deleting a TRACK with regions will get you a pop up, and I don't think there's any way to turn that off.

3) Now this one I'm confident - on the channel strip for the track, find the input slot just below the EQ display. One circle for mono, two for stereo. Click to toggle between mono and stereo. Click-hold for more choices.

(Not a Logic expert)


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2.) Yes i'm talking about just deleting the audio for unwanted takes not the track itself. It's weird because if I "Save As.." and reopen the project I can delete the audio,
simply by hitting the "delete" key no pop ups. When its freshly recorded audio it won't just delete with the "delete" key I have to hit delete PLUS acknowledge the pop up window,
very time consuming and annoying.