Fender acoustics


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I've read a lot about them, and talked to some who owned them. The concensus is that they don't match up to most acoustic guitars. Fender supposedly didn't spend the same time and effort making them as they do their electrics.

I looked at one in a pawn shop last year. It was a lefty. I looked up the serial number on the web, and found out that the owner was charging way too much for it. He apparently didn't know much about them and paid too much for it too. Went on the name. Even the Fender site says they don't hold their value like the Strat does.

I have a chance to pick up a lefty for about $250. I played it and I liked it. But what will happen over time?

What is your opinion? Do you own one? What do you think of it? How does it match up to your other acoustics?


I've owned a Fender acoustic-electric 12-string for the past three years. My experience with Fender acoustics is that for the money--they aren't too bad. No better or worse than any other in the under $500 student-grade price/quality range.
My experience in browsing through local pawn shops is that they tend to charge new prices for not merely used equipment, but equipment that a cowboy would say was like a horse being rode hard and put away wet--in other words, the equipment is usually in crappy shape by the time it made its way into the pawn shops stock for sale. Also, most pawn shops have a very limited return policy and no warranty on the items sold.
My two cents worth is that you should go looking at all the area music stores to see what they have in the price range, try everything, and buy the best you can afford that has the sound you want and plays the way you want it to. Whether the guitar is $250 or $2500, it's not money well-spent if you wind up regretting the purchase


I very rarely comment on brand or brand specific guitars. It's so much a personal thing. One mans junker is another mans gigging beast. I will say only this.

you will almost certainly get a better instrument by spending the equivalent amount of money on another brand.


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I picked up a Fender 12 string at a pawn shop a couple of years ago -- it was in pretty good shape. It was made in China (which *isn't necessarily bad these days*). It sounded kind of thin. It wound up breaking -- the tension of those 12 strings was too much for the joint at the top of the neck. I saw it happen -- it fell over very gently and slowly and the head hit a firm couch. Shouldn't have busted, IMO. I tried fixing it myself with some wood glue, and it lasted for a few more weeks, but then separated on its own. I tried one more time, and it lasted for a few hours. Then I stripped off what I could (tuners, etc.) and it "left the building" :D

That's really 100% of my experience with Fender acoustics -- I've got a friend who has had a 6 string Fender for years and says it's great.

My son desperately needed a 12 string at that time, so we ran out and got a Chinese-built guild (for quite a bit more money - more than we had planned on spending), and it's very nice.


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you will almost certainly get a better instrument by spending the equivalent amount of money on another brand.
I have to second that. I've never heard a Fender acoustic that I would say sounded good. But I've heard other lower end acoustics that did sound good.


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My stepson and I gigged together for several years back in the '90s with me on Dobro and harp and him on Fender acoustic. He loved it for the neck: he was classically trained, and extremely picky about neck profile. Most of what we did was amplified, so the acoustic sound wasn't an issue -- which sucked on the Fender, by the way. He's now playing a Gibson and MUCH happier.

There are a great many better acoustics out there for not too much money. Fender has theirs made to a price point simply so they can provide a full range of instruments to dealers, but that's about the best that can be said for them.


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My main acoustic guitar is a Fender. I went to a used guitar store many years ago intending to get a Taylor. I liked this one used Fender better. I can't speak to Fender acoustics as a whole though. I can't even remember the model # right now, but I can check when I get home.


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When I first started playing guitar, I fell for the Strat and, by association, everything about Fender in a BIG way. I used to drool over their catalogues, and when I finally saved up enough money (I hated this at the time, but in retrospect it was a good idea - my mom made me bank half of whatever I earned into a savings account for while I was in college, so basically I had to save up enough working part time to buy two strats) and bought my American Standard, I just couldn't stop looking at the thing, because I couldn't believe I really owned a guitar that nice.

That said, when I first played a Fender acoustic, I was surprised. I was expecting something on par with their American electrics, and was very disappointed. They're not bad, exactly, and they play well enough, but they were just very uninspiring sounding.

In that price range, I've consistently been very impressed with Alvarez.


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I bought one many years ago, model "San Luis Rey" i don't think it cost over $200 back then.

Overall a decent guitar for the $, no major problems decent action. Neck a bit narrow for me, but otherwise a solid entry level acoustic.

That said, i would get a seagull S6 today if i was shopping for something like that.



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I don't own a top end acoustic. Too cheap to spend the money. I have a couple Yamaha starters and a Japanese thing that I paid $60 for that sounds and plays GREAT.

I was looking for something just to knock around with. It's an electric acoustic, but that doesn't mean much to me.

I'll probably just keep looking...


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I have seen some breathtakingly, jaw-droppingly awful Fender acoustics.

I have never seen a really good Fender acoustic.


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Alvarez and Seagull are consistently mentioned by other players I know as absurdly nice guitars for the price - I've had very good experiences with Alvarez, personally. On a budget, that's where I'd start.