Fender 51 made in Japan for 2011


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Fender Pawnshop Series – Fender ’51 review | Guitar Design Reviews

I've had the original Squier 51 for several years now, Kidvybe turned me on to this great guitar... now the Fender has spruced it up and raised the price about $699 or more.

curious what others think or if anyone has snatched one up yet?

the new one seems to gone with Alder versus Squier Basswood....,
split coil volume nob, the Squier has a stock indented 3 position nob, volume knob is also pull type for coil split.
a key thing I loved about this design was the hardtail.
the strat body is very comfortable, and the tele neck fine.

Texas Special in the neck and a Enforcer Humbucker.
the original Squier was unknown brands...I wonder who and why they chose these pickups for the Fender version?

anyway...just a gear post....I really like this guitar. mines a $100 Squier version with upgraded neck, nut, and bridge...pickups next..:D


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