feedback on new track


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Everything sounds in it's right place to me. Good guitar tones, drums perhaps sound like they could do with a touch more reverb in parts.



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Thanks! It's the first time I've recorded at home with real drums. The last 2 records I used my Strike Pro kit.


Good song and overall good mix. If it was mine I would have changed a few things. First of all I would have raised the volume on the vocals a little bit.
The lead instrument that comes in on the left side from 0,50 to 1,15 and is repeated later in the song...... Is it a guitar? I find it to make the mix a bit unbalanced. I would have liked to hear it one, or maybe even two octaves higher and either more centered, or doubled and hard panned.
But as I said, this is just minor details. Good song and good mix/production.


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yeah, that's a guitar. he double tracked the same part and I have them hard-panned. Agree on the VOX, I bumped them .5db and also took some of the stank off the overheads as they seemed to overpower the rest of the song.