Feedback on Mix - Achilles Down


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Hi everyone, I am new here. I was looking for places to get feedback on my most recent mix and I found this forum. I hope you guys can help me out.
It's a Progressive Rock song part of my band's next full length album.
Thanks in advance!


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Hi marco. Welcome to the forums! Be sure to stick around and check out some other folks' mixes.

The big thing I'm noticing with this is a lot of mp3-type swishiness. What format did you upload it to SC from?

Guitar/bass tones sound pretty good. Nice growl on them.

Levels-wise the mix sounds pretty coherent. There may be some EQ tweaks that could improve things overall, but you'll need to address your data compression before we can give much meaningful feedback there.


Yes, there's a lot of it that's good but something's off. Don't compress to mp3 before uploading to Soundcloud, upload wav files.

I'm hearing a harshness kind of distributed all around. It might also be a mastering thing, not enough headroom to accommodate data compression. But I may be hearing some room issues, mids and low-mids just sounding resonant in unflattering ways.

What would really help is if I could download it and put it in my DAW for analysis.


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I think the mix is good overall. Im not crazy about the position of the piano in the intro. I think bass can come up a smidge

BGV's are good. At the 4 minute mark or so it would have been cool if you moved the pan on the BGV's and spread across spectrym and then back....Long freaking tune dude