feedback on a track


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i just put up a new track at my site which i'm not totally satisfied with.

it's called "friends?" and it's the first track at:

i've been working on it for almost 4 months though and don't know quite where to take it. it has a kind of 70s soul sort of sound, with a hard spikey edge to it, but i'm not sure if it sounds too busy with all the vocals and guitars and instruments going on. i recorded using cubase vst using a bunch of instruments acoustic and electronic that are lying round my apartment.

any suggestions about mixing would be especially welcome since i've over-listened to this one.... are the drums loud enough? or are they too loud?? how about the eq on the mix i have it, is it too trebly? and would getting it professionally mastered make a lot of difference?


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Thought that was a pretty cute trick getting a very noticeable transient increase in volume (at ~91.8 seconds) without clipping the signal. The background level was already pretty high. Didn't sound too carried away with overdubbing.


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thanks... it took me a while to get it right, but it seemed to work because the distorted guitar naturally sounds louder than the "smooth" sound which is heard just before it. also, i reverse recorded a guitar chord so that it crescendoed instead of faded. i thought it might help bridge the two parts of the song which are in different keys and different tempos. not sure if it worked like that though....