Feedback needed: new minimal techno track Minimax


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I produced and mixed (at home) a new minimal techno track that you can find here:

MiniMax | Angel3X


MiniMax | Angel3X

I'm absolutely amateur so any feedback in any area will be appreciated, for example, depending where I listed the bass drum is a bit overloud, what do you think?



I am by no means well versed in this genre.
It sounds good.
I like the way you arranged the accents in the background.
The part where is speeds up is nice too.
What is the DAW you use for this?


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Thanks for the feedback! I've been in love with Fruity Loops since a loooong time ago, previously I used other thought more ... pro ... now it has absolutely everything I need.


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Sounds very sparse, like it is intended to be used as a sonic bed for someone else to lay down tracks over top of this.

I'm not familiar enough with the genre to comment on the mix.

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Likewise minimal techno is not a genre I'm really qualified to comment on. Musically it flows pretty well, and sounds polished. I like the occasional echo effects. Just wondering if say around 3.00 you could breakdown into a heavy echo laden rising intensity swoosh or some distorted guitar stabs or something like that to provide a point of differentiation..?