FEDS raid Gibson factory in Memphis today


Just another guy, really.
Oh, geez, AGAIN?? As the article mentions, it happened last year, too. I was just reading in a trade journal (retail orientated) that Gibson is mounting a fight about this. Seems they will have an up-hill battle if they are convicted of it twice.

You'd think they would learn...:rolleyes:


Lord Of The Thighs
I thought maybe they were being arrested for manufacturing those hideously ugly backward V thingys and idiotic robot guitars. Whoever dreamed up those dung heaps should be force fed McDonalds hamburgers and Starbucks coffee while having their nuts jump started with a car battery.



Is that why Gibson couldn't find any matching knobs or switches for its new toy guitar?


Just another guy, really.
Gibson sure does seem to be doing some nutty stuff lately, eh? Where's CBS when we really need them?