Favorite keyboard rock/hair metal songs


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just wondering what your favorite rock songs with keys are. im from the 80's myself and love keybaord riffs.

i like aldo nova "fantasy"
bon jovi "runaway"
Thats a tough one.

I sure do agree with DavidK on Tony Banks.

Both Wakemann and Emerson should be mentioned.

But If I go over to a more rock\metal aproach I must say Jon Lord was the first Keyboard player that made me Open my eyes, and realize that the guitar dont stand a chance.

Deeep Purple was the first Keyboard band I liked and since then it has just grown, I`m extremely greatefull I got to see Jon Preform Live before he Retired from Purple.

Hearing himplaying Hall of the mountain King in Hell was just great
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Patrick Moraz on Relayer (Yes) has some amazing solos. Thomas Dolby is a personal favorite, Emerson too.

My favorite keyboard oriented albums include

Wind and Wuthering-Genesis
Trick of the Tail-Genesis
Black Moon -ELP

Zappa has some killer stuff/players on various albums. Sheik Yerbouti comes to mind.
what about the dude who plays keys for Children Of Bodom? he's done some pretty good solos. but then again there's not many other key solos that i've heard...
The noises that The Locust make with keys.

With actual synth action, IRammstein's sequenced lines kick ass.

Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon.
1. Europe 'Coast to Coast'.

2. 220 Volt 'Lorraine', 'Love Is All You Need'.

3. Tour De Force 'Tonight'.

4. Peroux 'Wheels Keep Turning', 'Summertime Memories', 'Susannah'.

5. Archer / Scallan 'Claudiette', 'One Time', 'Two Hearts', 'When We Were Young'.

6. Roxus 'Body Heat', 'Stand Back', 'Rock and Roll Nights' and some other songs.

7. Da Vinci 'Tarquinia', 'Ain't No Goodbye', 'Young Desperado', 'Circus Maximus'.

8. Melidian 'Sleepless Nights'.

9. Nova Rex 'Alone Tonight', 'Children of the Night'.

10. Outside Edge 'Heaven Tonight'.

11. Dorian Gray 'Make you Cry'.

12. Surgin' 'Shot Through the Heart' and many songs from their album 'When Midnight Comes'.

13. Beau Geste 'Take these Chains', 'Another Night', 'Catch the Fire', 'Don't Go' and almost every song from their album 'Another Night in the City'.

14. Le Mans 'Love Lies', 'Never Wanna See You Cry'.

15. Stallion 'Helpless'.

16. Nightwork 'Steal Away',

17. Danger 'I'd Die for our Love', 'Lonely Nights' and every song from their EP 'Down on my Knees'.

18. Drive She Said 'I Close My Eyes' and many songs from their debut album.

19. Biloxi 'Listen to Your Heart' from the album 'Checkmate...the Game is Over'.

20. Giuffria 'Change of Heart', 'I Love You Forever' and every song in 'Silk and Steel' album. Also, every song in their debut (homonymous) album (1984).

21. After Hours 'Samantha'.

22. Hunter 'Long Nights' (Yes, in the well known version it's the same Clyde Holly of Biloxi on vocals).

23. Harlan's Cage 'Halfway Home', 'My Mama Said', 'Lola's In Love', 'Restless Hearts', 'Solitary Dance',

24. Torino 'Take my Heart', 'Somewhere' and many songs from their ST debut album.

25. Swedish Erotica 'Rock 'N' Roll City'.

26. Glory 'Feel the Fire', 'Never Stop' and some songs from their album 'Danger in this Game'.

27. Airkraft 'Heaven' from their ST album.

28. Lancelot 'Wrong is Right', performed in 1985 in Saarländ at Halberg Open Air show (Schülerferienfest), aired by SR1. You can find the song on YouTube (Lancelot- Wrong is *wright). They say SR1 published each year a vinyl with the live records, but I can't find it.

29. Atlantic 'It's Only Love', 'When the War is Over', 'Can't Hold On', 'Hands of Fate', 'Nothing to Lose', 'Dangerous Game' and other songs from the album 'Power'.

30. Shogun 'Night Games' and many other songs from the album 'III - the Lost Album'; 'Shock to the Heart' and some songs from the album '31 Days'.

31. Roulette 'Evangeline' and many other songs from the album 'Better Late Than Ever'.

32. White Heat 'When You're Gone', 'Crazy For You' and every song from their album 'We Never Heard of You Either'.

33. Aidean 'Promises' and many other songs from the album 'Promises'.

34. Eklypce 'Lady Love'.

35. Winter Reign 'Karen I', 'I Close My Eyes', 'Save it' and many other songs from the 'Mini Album'. Check the release with bonus tracks 'the "Lost UK Jewels", Collector Series - Vol. 15'.

36. LaRoche 'Seventeen' frm their albu 'Dancing After Midnight'.

37. White Sister 'a Place in the Heart', 'Save me Tonight' and a few songs from the album 'Fashion by Passion'.

38. Virginia Wolf 'Living on a Knife Edge' and every song from their ST album.

39. Walk the Wire 'Quadrature', 'Nothing to Lose', 'the Knives Are out Tonight' and every song from their ST album.

40. United Nations 'I'll Be your Man', 'The Night that Lasts Forever' and every song in the album '2014'.

41. Black Orchid 'Diana' from the album 'Earotica'.

42. Urgent 'Running Back (for More)'.

43. Phenomena 'Did it All for Love'.

44. Greenway 'It's Alright', 'In the Danger Zone' and many songs from the album 'Serious Business'.

45. Find Me 'No Tears in Paradise' from their album 'Angels in Blue'.

46. W.E.T. 'One Love', 'Invincible' and almost every song from their ST album (2010).

47. Sunstorm 'House of Dreams', 'Divided', 'Don't Give Up', 'the Spirit Inside' and almost every song from the album 'House of Dreams'.

48. Pretty Maids 'Little Drops of Heaven'.

49. Voyager 'Run Away Heart' (This one should have a place among the first three. I leave it here, because the last and the first are to remember).

50. ...the list is long.

They have posted here many 70s songs presumably with 'great keyboard riffs'. Yet in the 70s the keyboard rock was underdeveloped. It reached the apex in 85-88; in 89 and after it was abandoned even by bands who played it great, as Europe ('Prisoners in Paradise', 'Prisoners in Paradise demos', 'Le Baron Boys); and Bon Jovi abandoned it even earlier. Some bands make exception because their albums were recorded way earlier, as Atlantic, Biloxi, Roulette...

As you see, I've included only music with organ riffs, excluding pianoforte. Great songs with piano include Warrant 'I Saw Red', Europe 'Carrie' and 'Tomorrow', Midnight & Jon Oliva 'Painted Skies', Ten 'You're in my Heart', White Lion 'Till Death Do Us Part', The Storm 'What Ya Doing Tonight', From the Fire 'Tears Cried in the Rain', Network 'Suzanne' and Vanden Plas 'Raining in my Heart'.

Also, I was obliged to include some 2009+ songs with extremely pretty keyboard rock, but only because the members of the bands come straight from the eighties (W.E.T., Find Me, Sunstorm, Pretty Maids: in the latter case, the band itself comes straight from the eighties).
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Aah - at last some people I am familiar with. Rick Wakeman lives just a few miles away from here.
Yup you mentioned that before...He is a VERY cool cat and a beast of player...the arthritis thing sucks... I threw out some cool ones in there Nicky Hopkins ...a bad ass....Todd...cosmic explorer extraordinaire, Elton, Lee Michaels, Emerson, Parsons, Steve Walsh, Jon Lord, Rich Davies, Hans-Jürgen Fritz and of course the predecessors.. Leon Russel, Billy Preston, Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, Jerry Lee Lewis and Little Richard etc....rock keyboards have been rockin since the 50's
I love most of the stuff you've posted. One that's missing is this classic. Proof you don't need "no synthesizers".

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I love most of the stuff you've posted. One that's missing is this classic. Proof you don't need "no synthesizers".

One of the very first songs I learned to play...Love me some White shade of pale...and that is some bad ass hammond
Oh but how remiss of me to leave out the absolute most consummate future rock keyboards album of the Century..( And longest in the charts at almost 450 weeks)...I was one of those lucky few hundred thousand humans that actually got to see it performed live in it's entirety BEFORE the album was released ...For me it was September 22nd 1972 at the Hollywood bowl in QUAD...OMFG! Life changing, career changing moment for me...bastards...

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Oy! oh Oy! I will have to disagree on that.... All 70's or earlier

Those posts confirm my assertion. This music is underdeveloped and that's irrefutable. None of these compares, say, to 'Tomorrow' of Europe which is thousands of light-years ahead.
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