Factoids about webfonts - new VHS song

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Pretty good balance on headphones. I'm not super keen on the vocal melody but everything blends well. Rythym guitars sound good


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Great lyrics and really interesting subject matter. The world needs more songs that explore off beat topics. Paul Mccartney was wrong. The world does not need more silly love songs. We need more songs about the arcane and the obscure.

The only complaint I have is that there's a lot going on in the instrumental section during the chorus. So much so that it's difficult to pick out individual instruments. It's a really big wall of sound and I'd like to hear more well defined synth and guitar parts. Less may be more in this case, because when the song gets more sparse, it just sounds better to my ear.

There is also one section around 1:37 where something is clipping or distorted. I think it's a ride or a crash but I can't tell. It could also be a fast snare roll.


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Thanks guys.

Mix 3 is is in the OP. I couldn't change the melody at this point, so it's mostly just turning things that aren't drums and vocals down.

There is also one section around 1:37 where something is clipping or distorted
Is that the big crash when the chorus comes back in after the bridge? Yeah, the sample is from a video of my glam band playing live. It was the crunchiest, s**ttiest camera recording of a drum solo. I love it!
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I mean! Check those out!