FabFilter Pro-Q/Which EQ plug couldn't you live without?


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...has got to be the best EQ plug around. Anybody else tried it? I'm rocking the demo and am absolutely LOVING it. This may be the first plug that I shell out some real cash for. It's the only thing I've tried that makes me feel like I can't live without it. haha.

I got turned on to the company by someone here on the forum (I can't remember who), who mentioned their saturation plug 'Saturn'. I tired that and thought it was really good and decided to try out some of their other stuff. Man, I'm really digging this thing. Of course, every piece of software has room for improvement (this one could use a continuous DB slope for high/low pass, for example) but overall, I'd rate it at least an 8/10.

FabFilter's Pro-Q page

Here's a video demo of the plug being used on a track:


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Someone showed me pro q and I was super impressed. I was floored with everything you could do with it. Such a versatile eq.

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+1 for Pro-Q. Every time I think I have it figured out I find a new trick in the UI.

I'll bust out the UAD version of the Manley Massive Passive from time to time as well.


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If I had to choose one plugin - it would probably be Massey's L2007.
It works really nicely as a gentle limiter, and I usually have a copy of it in the Master buss with the settings dialled right down just to avoid the occasional clip.