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Hey guys!

I was hoping someone might be able to help me with an exs24 issues or bug.

I have a lot of samples set up as Round Robin groups so that they cycle through three different snare hits.

(as per this thread Logic Pro Help ? View topic - EXS24 Alternate Sample-Round Robin Discussion)

However, they only cycle in rapid fire succession. When longer moments of time pass they just play the same sample twice in a row. Whats strange is that the round robin will work on the next bar.

So for instance, I have a 1 bar pattern with two snare hits. The first time it plays it plays snare1.wav twice. The next time it plays it plays Snare 2 twice. The Third time is play Snare2.wav twice. Then it repeats again. Id like it to play in the first bar Snare1.wav, Snare2.wav, then in bar 2 Snare3.wav, Snare1.wav, etc etc.

I am triggering many samples at once (snare, under snare mic, snare condensor mic, two overhead mics) so maybe that is using up too many voices? But it works perfect for rapid fire drum rolls.

Is there a setting to make sure the round robin doesnt reset itself?

I am on Logic Express 9

Thanks for any help or advice!
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Hi brotman. Freeze the track and see if the frozen track reflects the samples. If is does not, you can bounce in place.

There isn't a setting that makes the RR not reset itself, because an RR by definition shouldn't. This sounds like a software glitch. Is your buffer maxed?

You can randomize the sample selection and variances within the velocity but not the reset parameters per se.