Expanding the Stereo Field


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I don't know if anyone else has done this or not, or if it can be duplicated on other equipment than what I have, but I found an intresting little trick.
I was playing with my new patch bay, trying out different signal routes and so forth, when I stumbled on the following configuration.

Aux sends 3,4 to CH1,2 inputs of Behringer Mastercom compressor.

Behringer outputs 1,2 to Auxilliary stereo channel 15/16 line ins on my Alesis Studio 24

All recorded tracks, 1-6, set with aux 3,4 at MAX.

Output of 15/16 routed to Main outs (l/r)

With the recorded tracks not routed to the Main outs, this runs the entire mix through the aux sends to the compressor and then to the stereo channel and then to the Main outs..... pretty straight forward, right ? :->

Now, here's the twist.
Instead of routing the whole signal from tracks 1-6 through the aux sends, I also route those signals to the Main outs. Not by decreasing the aux knobs but by punching the L/R destination switch. This blends the uncompressed signal with the compressed signal at the Mains, but with a difference in phase or timing, or both.
The result is a WIDELY E-X-P-A-N-D-E-D stereo field, without any noticeable distortion or noise.