Eurorack, mixer, and audio interface


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I want to integrate a new ARP 2600 and a growing set of Eurorack modules into a setup where I can channel their expanding set of signal sources into either a DAW-based or SIAB-based recording base. Is a conventional analog mixer a good part of this chain? the audio interface has four channels, which is plenty for a DAW, and interfaces with a large number of channels are rather pricey compared to mixers with eight or even twelve analog inputs. I am thinking that using the mixer to narrow down the number of signals going to the interface at a time during recording is a good move. After all, even with Eurorack sequencing, I don't think that there would be more than four active signals at once. Plus, I wouldn't want to try to balance those all at once! Comment is invited.

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If the interface has four inputs, then you can get four synths being recorded through it simultaneously. However, you would be recording four mono signals. If the synths have stereo outputs and stereo sounds, then to capture that you would need to record stereo pairs. This means only being able to record two synths at a time with that interface.

To be able to record four synths at once, and each in stereo, means eight interface inputs. Likewise it means four stereo pairs of outputs on the mixer (or eight direct outs). Or a mixer such as the Presonus Studiolive that is its own multitrack interface.

The easiest option would be an eight input interface, and you control the levels via the interface itself.


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Or get a small format analog console with built in multichannel interface…everything as far as mixing, monitoring and interfacing the DAW in one device.