Equipment connections to the Alesis Studio 24


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OK here it is, I am trying to decide how to connect my equipment in my home studio. I use the computer for all of my sounds (Cakewalk Express) and recording (Soundblaster Live). Here is a list of my other equipment:

Studio 24 Mixing board
Microverb 4
M-EQ 230
SR-16 drum machine
Monitor one speakers

DOD SR866 compressor
Crate SPA 200 Amp

The problem I'm having is connecting everything to the Studio 24. The monitor outs, control room outs, Inserts, exc..... Can anybody help.
Well, I'm not too familiar with the Studio 24, but I'll take a guess anyway.

Use the aux sends on the Studio 24 to feed the left and right channels of the Microverb. Take the outputs of the Microverb and plug into the aux returns of the board.

Use the channel inserts on the board to feed the compressor as needed during recording or playback.

Take the master outs on the Studio 24 and connect to your sound card inputs. I'm guessing the SBLive only has 2 input channels (L&R), could be wrong here because i don't know what SB has. If it supports multiple input/output, then you should probably use tape out or channel inserts to get to the sound card.

Your drum machine would just plug into a channel input on the board.

Plug your amp into the control room output on the Studio 24.

MEQ 230
The EQ is up to you. Some people put the EQ between the control room out and the amp to 'tune the room', but I'd only use it with the channel inserts if you need it. I don't know what the eq is like on the Studio 24, though. You may not really need it on individual channels.