EQ Outputs Not Equal


I'm using 2 pultec-type EQ's for stereo and notice one is lower by a few dB.
I'm patching them in Reaper using Reinsert, and am not sure this is contributing to the issue.

Not having a board at this time, what would be a good way to check output levels through these units?
I've never used Reinsert, but could you pass the same signal out to the two units and bring them back to separate channels to compare levels. Alternately, process a channel and record the result, then swap to the second unit and do the same.

It could just be a case of a tolerance difference in something like a level pot. Many pots are rated +/-10 or 20%, so depending on the QC testing and matching protocols of the manufacturer, differences in levels could be pretty significant.
Thanks, I'll see if I can figure out how to do that, though with Reinsert and checking again; it's not just a few dB - it's about 20.
The manufacturer thinks it may be a short in the unit.
Swap the eqs and see if the problem follows the eq or stays on the one side. If it follows, it's a hardware problem.

You can always do the left and right side in two passes and use only the good eq. You could just record it onto another set of tracks.
Even the cheapest digital mulitimeter will read audio signals. Run levels at about +4dBu and 400Hz you can then check completely in the analogue domain.

Turns out it was a hardware problem - some crossed wires.
Manufacturer sorted it out in a week.