EQ/Effects suggestions for 12 string acoustic with passive pickup.

Have you tried a test recording with the guitar pickup straight into the interface, before the show to see if it sounds different from the board?
when Im doin it.. The way i do it. Its right.

The compressor should be set to brick it. Your playing will sound more confident and even. Place the compressor/limiter LAST..

..After the compressor, place a dynamic EQ with a threshold control that will add in high-end treble material.( Type III Aural Exciter , Alesis Enhancer, Etc.)

So you have a balance between two thresholds, a compressor and a EQ. Smashing it with the limiter will kill the highs. Yeah no brainer in with the EQ..but you need to set it to come in when the other is bricked. Your guitars and keys will come to life.

Gate is optional, this illustrates my point(doesnt need to be these tools exactly but..). The gate placed there, will help create negative expansion.
Screenshot 2023-02-09 190024.jpg
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