Ensoniq ZR-76 mechanically stuck key, help!


I am a newbie at this so if I don't know the names of everything please bear with me.
I have a ZR-76 with a stuck black key. I have the whole keyboard apart, I also had to replace some other parts. I have the action out and the key off. I cleaned the key and I cleaned the post the front of the key goes over with isopropyl alcohol on a Qtip. Cleaned the inside of the key the same way. Cleaned the outside of the key. The key seems to have no defects. The hammer weight under the front of the key swings freely, the post that the back of the key goes over moves freely. Put the key back on, still sticks. I took the key back off and I then sprayed up the hammer weight with deoxit and used canned air to blow it out and did the same to the post at the back. Put the key on, it still stuck. I then took the key off again and sprayed some lithium grease on a Qtip and greased up the axle the hammer weight rides on and did the same to the post the back of the key goes on. I also swabbed the inside of the key with lithium grease, put it back on and it still stuck. I am a retired machinist, I turned the action around so I could get a good look from the front and it seems to me that the post that the front of the key rides on is a bit skewed. I don't know what that post is made of, it seem like some type of rubber or plastic surface over another material. It is not out by much, maybe .010-,030 over the length, but something is causing that key to hang up and it is mechanical. The hammer weights on the two white keys I had to take out return the keys even without the return spring on.I could grab the post with a pair of pliers and straighten it out, but if it is plastic underneath I would break it. If it is metal underneath I could get away with it. I don't know how it would have been bent out of square unless the owners before me pounded on the keys? Any thoughts or input would be greatly appreciated. I am tempted to take some jewelers files and going inside the key and opening it up a bit to give it more clearance.
Thanx for taking the time to read this if you made it all the way through.