embedded sound files

John Shea

New member
I want to have a sound file (midi or wav) on my web page, such that when the page loads, the sound plays automatically, with no player showing. I can do it in MSIE with the BGSOUND tag, but not in Netscape. I know this is a web developer question, but they don't know audio, and you guys do. :)
Any help would really be appreciated. Thanx.

I don't know the answer exactly but when I'm writing HTML I sometimes look at other
peoples sites for ideas. In other words, do a search for "MIDI files" and go to some
sites in Netscape. When you find one that opens up with a MIDI file loaded
(like you want yours to do) then go to your View menu and select Page Source.
You should be able to find the command in there. Here's a site I just found with one
in it. In the HTML look for the "h4" section. Your answer is in there. Go to :

good luck.....pete o
I really appreciate your help. Unfortunately, that page had a javascript function in it causing a different song to be loaded at each visit to the page. I just want to play one item when the page first loads, with no repeating. I've managed to do it for MSIE, but that code (EMBED) wouldn't work in my Netscape browser.
I think I'm going to try to use both codes in one page.
Thanx again.