Emagic logic audio silver reminisce


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Wow i was digging through some old software and came across my version of emagic logic audio silver. fired up my old windows 98SE tower, and wham old school recording. i forgot how easy and fun this really was back then. i am going to do some old country recordings on this set up just for kicks. LOL. Now if i could just find a legal version of Emagic Logic Audio Platinum 5.3 i would be all set. ah memory's
lovin the old stuff
Although I now use Reaper, I still have Logic Platinum 5.1 and open it every now and again when I revisit recordings I made when I first entered the digital age on Windows 98. I started with Logic 4.7 (I think).
I'm currently having a bit of a sort out, and I've found my old copy of Logic Audio Silver v)4.0.
Complete with all manuals, authentication disks etc (and box)

I was wondering if this is something I could sell (?), as I no longer have a Mac, and I use Ableton now anyway.

Thanks for reading, and best wishes,
Richard ?
I like that in the fifth version there is an interactive MIDI sequencer Touch Tracks, the capabilities of the note editor Score have increased, the interface has become more transparent and fully configurable, there is a multi-stage function to cancel operations, a new help system.