Elliott Smith Baby Britain cover


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Hey, This will be my first post on these boards, but I had to sign up after browsing this section. :)
This is an acoustic cover of the primarily piano song Baby Britain by Elliott Smith. It's done by one of my friends and I did the recording for a school project.

This is my latest effort at acoustic singer/songwriter mixes, and I'm hoping if anyone has any advice/tricks/whatever on mixing acoustics.

Also, I've been screwing around with audio for about two years now and it's seriously awesome that these boards exist! :D

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Seek out Timothy Lawler for acoustic recording advice. He's the man who knows. To my ear, it's pretty decent, if boomy between 100-250Hz. Vox are not pulling their weight in the mix. You have a nice voice, no need to hide. You do need a pop filter though. :)

Welcome, by the way. This place is a treasure trove of info; the signal to noise ratio is generally very high. I have learned TONS from the experience that litters the place.