Electronic U.S. Copyright application: How long before I can publicize the song?


One thing I found out last time I copyrighted an album - if done as a sound recording and it has been reproduced in a physical form (i.e CD, vinyl), you have to send a copy to the LoC.
At least as of right now, this does not apply to unpublished works, but only published ones. (So, submit your SR before selling your CDs! Or skip CD, and sell download links/QR codes!) Here's the quite from the site:
The best edition requirement does not apply to all deposits. In particular, the following types of works are exempt from the best edition requirement:
• Unpublished works
• Works published solely in editions or formats not listed in the Best Edition Statement
• Most works that are published only online

Full document link: https://www.copyright.gov/circs/circ07b.pdf

P.s. (edit!) On further reading, i may have misunderstood! Here's another FAQ. If you just want to submit your CD, but, not part of the registration of copyright, that's also an option. I guess if you want the CD in its entirety stored away. Now I am sure they have a Raiders kind of storage facility... (I'm not sure this has anything to do with the legal rights you obtain by registering your copyright of the songs in the SR application. But, that is clearly a competent copyright/IP lawyer kind of question.)



One thing I found out last time I copyrighted an album: comment on above keith.rogers keith.rogers Bobby'tweet)
That is very interesting, I didnt know that. I have some copyrights, but never been sold or published. But still good to Know. I do know the music buisiness can be treturous if you don't know the rules. Ive seen it first hand and if anyone wants to hear about it let me know. Treach·er·ous:
guilty of or involving betrayal or deception.