Electronic Parts - Where?

Where might be a good place to buy precision electronic parts such as resistors, capacitors, etc.? I will not be buying in bulk of the same resistance and etc., but will be buying in bulk in terms of needing
various resistances and etc., but lots of the various. Does that make sense? I know I'm having a hard time explaining it, but do you know what I mean?

Thank You in advance.
Your local Radio Shack should have most of the components you'll need. For the rare ones I have found a place called Newmark Electronics. Remember that you can use combinations of parallel and series resistors or capacitors to come up with any value needed.
For example: Two 100 ohm resistors in series will give you 200 ohms, but in parallel will give you 50 ohms. Capacitors work in a similar way.

I hope this helps;

Dom Franco
Hi, R.E...Dom is right for small quantities of easy-to-get stuff, but some of the best big mail-order places I've found are (and the URLs should be obvious) Mouser (no minimum order!), DigiKey, Parts Express, and MCM Electronics. Never dealt with Newmark though...
I'm assembling a custom 24-track recorder with 2" Norelco heads custom designed & made to use in conjuction with and specifications of old Ampex 400VTR video recorder transports. Will the components that Radio Shack does have really have the precision I'm looking for?

I've heard of DigiKey is suppose to be pretty good.
Can anyone answer my question regarding Radio Shack having the precision I'm looking for in the parts I will find there regarding my applicaion as stated above?
Also, try the Radio Shack website as they carry a lot more stuff than the stores.
There's a local guy here that owns a small custom amp building/repair shop that might have the components your looking for. He repairs all sorts of music equipment and sells resistors transformers caps everything. He doesn't have a website but if ya want his number email me and I'll give it to ya.

Once I heard that that Rohm Corp. makes precision metal film resistors, but I am not sure. Farnell Electronics from the UK carry a huge line of components. The Farnell's website is www.farnell.com

Hope this helps !