Electronic drum kit and software


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I want some opinions on the use of electronic drum kits. Almost all of my recording so far has been with electronic drums but I have done a few instances of live recording them. I find it much easier to mix it because you eliminate all the bleed and phase problems that take tons of time. I currently use Session Drummer 3 which is included with Sonar X1. Has anybody used Ez Drummer, I have been feeling pretty limited in terms of sounds with Session Drummer and would like to add more sounds, especially in terms of pop music drums. Also if anybody has suggestions on a cheap electronic drum kit that would be great. Obviously not something equivalent to a toy but not something that is outrageously expensive. Just something that can at least get the job done with the least amount of frustration.
Cheapest option for an e-drum kit would be a Yamaha DD-65. I have one and use it for all my drum programming. Only drawback is if you're using it for MIDI, the hihat doesn't quite function right and won't stay "shut" when the pedal is held down. But outside of MIDI the hihat is fine. There are quick workarounds, so it's no big deal for me.
I'm using a used TD-3 ($400) and superior (bought on sale for $150).

It works great. I built some toms with mesh heads to get rid of the rubbers because I find they feel better and are easier to play (was around $100 to covert them).