Electric Blue - Winter, 2021


Hey all,
Been (trying to) come up with a moody track as an outlet for some of the 2021 winter cold/isolation I (and many of you) have collectively been going through. Would highly appreciate a bash / some feedback. I feel like I have some good vibes but still room for improvement. E.g maybe my "climax" around 2:53 could use a bit more buildup / introduction. Song is attached as mp3, additionally you can view it in google drive here - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TnnnW4WWQ-E45ybuUTE2SfH3t_drT21J/view?usp=sharing


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- Something in the electric piano sound is sounding like speaker rattle (even when I turn the volume WAY down). Sounds like my speakers are being blown out... The end hangs on a bit long for my tastes.
+ I like the tune. It's pretty compelling to listen through. Lots of changes and growth without getting overblown. The voices all seem to compliment and give space to one another.
I thought this was Very close to being Very nice.. I believe I would fade the intro and outro a little harder. I'm not listening on a good system , but the high ambient droning sound gets to be a little too loud. It's acting like an overtone of the main instruments but to the point of overshadowing the melody instrument. Very cool song. mark

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Good composition. It's a nice piece, progresses well with some cool change ups. The 'bass' part is kinda muddy. I think you could carve some lows out of there without losing too much oomph at the bottom end


For any of y'all interested, here is the final mix -

Added some arpeggio piano to the "climax", and tried to incorporate the suggestions mentioned here.