Electric Blue - Ouroboros


Been working on a trip/adventure/mystical track for a while now and it's ready for some bashing! It's 8 mins but would really appreciate if people gave feedback on the whole thing. Does it hold your interest the whole time? What could be mixed better? Bash away!!


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Bulls Hit

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The accoustic guitar on the rhs gets kinda repetitive. I like that change up at 3.10 and the 'bass' section that follows is cool too. It's got a sort of Mexican, cowboy, camping at night in the desert kind of vibe - not sure if that's what you're going for but if it is, you nailed it :D. I think the whole track flows pretty well, and it doesn't seem as long as the 8min length. The only part that outstayed its welcome is the opening 3 min imo, if you chopped that part in 1/2 it would balance better. Good listen though, nice job


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I agree with Bulls Hit above...the acoustic guitar on the right does get very repetitive after a while. But other than that, it's a really cool track. I got a very soothing and refreshing vibe from it! The beginning of the bass solo part around 3:45 was a very nice change indeed. The guitar solos that follow afterwards were really cool also (especially loved that delayed clean guitar sound) Lots of smooth transitions and variations...Great job!


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Having the different movements helped to keep me engaged, the 8 minutes was not too long. Honestly, I started cleaning my office a little while listening. Overall, I felt the mix was a little dark. Meaning, not enough energy in the higher freqs. Some global tweaking would help.

Other than that... s'all good.


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Yeah, this is decent background listening. It had enough changes that it didn't feel too repetitive.

The ending is kind abrupt. Not that I'm telling you to make it longer per se, but...


I created a post about arranging and this is a classic example of a really good song that's missing that last track(s).

Perhaps someone who understands musical terminology can explain this better.

You have your rhythm tracks which are perfect. Your melodic tracks basically repeat twice and move onto the next melodic track that repeats twice, and then a change. It's something new to listen to. Then you have that one strumming track that hits on measure 1 or 2, that plays throughout. That's the only ]part that plays off your melodic track. So, measure 4 or 8 is laid bare. You need that new track that plays against the melody on the final measure or two. Once you have that, this song would be fairly perfect.

In rock and roll terms. It's the little noodles/riffs a lead guitarist adds after a vocal line.

Whatever you do, it was a good listen. It reminded me of the guys in NY that play some sort of pipe with their backing tracks. They weren't bad to listen to for a song.