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I have just started experimenting with Elastic Audio to tighten up guitar tracks but I have a question that I haven't been able to find much info on. For distorted guitars I typically mic my amp and also have a DI output straight off my guitar recording to two separate tracks. I make the two tracks an Edit group and the direct is used only for editing purposes.
So earlier I was messing around with elastic audio with the two tracks edit linked but it seemed like EA would sometimes place warp markers in different places for the two tracks. Is there a way where I can use only the direct track to set warp markers and have the changes apply to both tracks?
I am still new to EA so I may not be making much sense. Does anyone know of any good tutorials for this sort of thing?

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I know they have some tutorials on digitv and youtube. That european pro tools guy explains it pretty well.

I'm not sure that I have a solution for your problem but maybe it's redrawing the warp markers just because the transients are different between amped and direct guitar.

Maybe you can copy and paste the warp markers from the one track to the other and then quantize or whatever you're trying to do.

Good luck my friend!


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You shouldn't need to have the warp markers in the same places, as long as they are edit grouped, any changes on one track will affect the other in the same way.

If you want to add warp markers switch to analysis view and you should be able to do it there. I forget exactly how but it may be one of the following:

Double Click
Shift Click
Alt Click...


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In fact you don't need to clear the markers on the other track...

As long as they are in an edit group then it will work. If you click on a marker in one track, and there is no corresponding marker, a new one will be created on the other track. I hope that makes sense?


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I see what you are saying but I am still kind of working through it and getting a feel. Thank you for the info. I think this is going to come in handy on some of the stuff I am working on.