El Loco - (Rock, Flamenco, Metal..)


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Quick mix on a track based on a brutal character named Lope de Aguiree, aka El Loco, aka Wrath of God, and his quest for El Dorado. Goes from rock and electronica to flamenco, and then death metal to finish the track up. I'll have another go at the mix once I get back from hols - feel free to offer feedback.

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Thanks kdub...I mixed very fast so that's encouraging. V minimal eq other than high pass ... Levels get u most of the way there I find, plus having everything in its own octave range.

I'll give everyone else's track a listen once I'm back from holiday (can't judge very well from a phone speaker)

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I like the distorted sonic textures and the high string synth melody is great. It certainly wandered across the border into another aural landscape at about 1min, and then found its way back for a while. Very cool track, it all gels together really well. No problems with the mix I just enjoyed it. Very El Loco


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That's a pretty clever tune and blends the various elements well...the drums and snare in particular are pretty harsh and may benefit from being set back in the mix some or eq softening