effect changing while playing live


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Hi, i have an intention of using a tool that i imagine to be programed in ableton/FL (or any other operator). Using this tool, i would be able to set a presetted number of effects to play live inside this preset. The thing would be like this. I would order the changes in effects in function of the time of the set. If the set starts at time A and finishes at time B, in between of A and B there would be the presetting of the number of effects i want. For example, a Release effect 34% from 6'' to 10'', in between A and B. So, if i play live inside the preset (from now on Z) and i play during the sector 6''-10'', the Release effect would be present. And this for any effect that i want to set in Z.
Another way to visualize it is the following: Supppose that i want to record a piano from time A to time B, with some desired effects. So, i change Release from 5 to 20 in sector 8''-15'', i again change it to 30 from 15'' to B (i leave it at 30 all the way long). in the while i also move the Reverb from 40 to 35 in sector 14''-22'', etcetera with any other effect that i would like to apply to my piano recording from time A to B, start to end of the record. All clear until here. Now think that i supress the piano record, but i leave all the other set of effects (Z). So i would have a silent record in function that no instrument (sound) is playing, but with all the effects setted (I still have Z in A to B), so then i would have a silent record in function of instruments, but a modified record in function of Z, the set of effects changed. In this way if i play the record, and play an instrument (any) inside this record, i would have the sound changes in function of Z, in the respective sectors of time, exactly the same as the first record with the piano playing over it. Hypothesising, if i would play exactly the same piano, and hit exactly the same sound at the same point of time, i would have exactly the same recording that the first one explained. The main aim of this is to play live any instruments with a desired presetted effects in function of time. I am talking this in the range of FL/Ableton, or any other digital program that could permit this.
Thank you, and i hope that this may be possible to program and that someone knows about this type of programming.