Eeeek Input Please - Native Flute Mix

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Hi! I am trying to get a track that would be good enough quality to put on Soundcloud or something. I have to start somewhere.

I had some help with a drum track, then threw in some mixing of my own - all in Garageband.

Please share your comments or suggestions.

Please be honest - but kind. This is my first time ever putting anything out in public.

This is my rendition of "Lakota Lullaby" - Im really wondering if the drums are overpowering the flute(s)
Also - do you think it would be better with just a single flute instead of layering flutes? Maybe less echo on the flute(s) ?

Thank you for listening.


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First off, welcome to the forums! You will find a lot of useful info here. Your genre is a little off the beaten path from the usual stuff that gets put on here, but nonetheless your a recording artist now as we all are!

I think your sound is pretty damn good so far and off to a great start. The drums are sitting pretty nicely in its ambient space and not over powering at all on my end. I think the echo/doubling of the flute sounds great also, however at times it seems it may be overloading your meters a bit and getting that digital distortion. May want to keep an eye on it, once its recorded that way its nearly impossible to get it back out. SO, input gain should be adjusted before recording!

Great job!

Late Gates

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Hi Bruthish - thank you very much for taking the time to respond. I really, really appreciate it. I can re-record the flute and watch my gain - thanks so much.

ps. I didn't realize there's a usual 'genre' of folks here - :facepalm: - thanks for listening


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ps. I didn't realize there's a usual 'genre' of folks here - :facepalm: - thanks for listening

Usual, as in 'most common', which would be all manner of rock. :) All genres are welcome.

Pretty much everything Bruthish said is spot on. Really can't add more to his comments. Feel free to post away across the internet and share.