EDrums generally, and Roland TD-50kv and Alesis Strike Pro SE specifically


Lizard People
I've played acoustic drums for decades.
I don't have a studio anymore, and I can't put any of these microphones and preamps to work... So I'm looking at electronic drums.
I'll record midi and use SD3 for sounds when recording. I'm aware of the latency difference between the two products, and that is a factor.
I guess my question is about whether I'll really be able to appreciate a significant difference between the Alesis hi hats/snare/ride and the Roland digital hi hats/snare/ride.
I recognize this may not be the best place to ask, but I'm an old timer here and want to check in with y'all.
I've been playing drums since 1991 and the last 10 years mostly electronic. I can't stand the electronic cymbals.
I do it like they did in the 90's: Electronic drums (pads) and acoustic cymbals.