Editing groove using midi & audio

B Free

New member
Hi guys. I've been editing and tweaking the timing/grooves of my tracks. What do y'all find is the best way to this? IOW's, is it best to break it down to just two tracks at a time? Like drums & bass, then drums & guitar, etc. Or do y'all just do the whole rhythm section at once. Or maybe it's all of the above?

I'd love to know how others approach this. Fwiw, I'm looking for a nice, tight live feel(Not too stiff but not too sloppy). Thanks!
If I feel Something or Everything need work , I always start with the "metronome" soloed against the drums. Then against the drums/bass. Then continue thru the tracks. I've found the "audio snap" option can help in certain situations , but I find using my ears usually gets the best results. It is a Lot of work cutting and moving parts of clips but worth the effort. After a while it becomes easier , and you learn Exactly where to split a clip. I'm a much better editor than I am a player .. mark