Editing arrangement on Boss BR-800


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Is it possible to upload once created rhytm patterns/arrangments back to your pc (from your boss dr 800), edit them, again store them on the Boss while at the same time making sure that it stays in sync with instruments that were recorded on other tracks?

Jan Marten
Let's give the answer myself :). Yes this is possible. If you create a song on the br-800 and then select it from the drum editor, you can add rhytm to it. You can upload it to the br-800 and later on. If you desire to change it later on, you go through the same steps and your arrangement will remain in perfect sync with the rest of the song.
Hi, I am new this forum. I bought a BR 800 a few months ago and have recorded a song onto it. However I can't load the WAV converter from the disc. Everything else is fine I.E the main Boss driver and Rhythm kit.
I also tried to download the WAV converter from the BOSS site but that doesn't work either in as much as the computer says the file is missing parts or is invalid. I am wondering if anyone knows how to obtain a new disc to try again.