Edge solo sound issues


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Hello i recent bought the Edge Solo large diaphragm conference mic and have noticed it has random sounds issues. This happens regardless of the emulation bring used or not. So far I haven't dived into that.

Sometimes it gets short bursts of a hiss-like static and in other occasions it gets short bump/thump sounds. The latter sounds similar to if the mic cable was being flicked or hit.

I've tried different mic cables and even bought two new ones (I needed them anyway) but I still get the issue. I've also tried using different inputs on my Volt 276. Then I tried it work my old Focusrite Solo. It still happens randomly.

I've started a return process on Amazon but wanted to see if anyone has any ideas before I ship it back.

"Conference mic"? Do you mean "condenser"?
Given that you have tried everything else, it sounds like a defective mic. Send it back, get a replacement and let us know how it works out.
First thing is that you don't buy specialist mics on Amazon. I'm the last one to bang on about warranties and stuff but with quality gear, you'll always be taking a risk. On their website they have a dealer list of reputable people, but the same search on Amazon brings back no dealers I can find?

Your description sounds more like power supply issues or even a moisture problem. Has it been exposed to humidity and condensation? Warm house, cold delivery van? That kind of thing?

The only review I would trust would be SoundonSound and they've not actually reviewed one. They've commented on the sales blurb but no actual test. I've actually got some Line6 modelling radio mics and they're actually very good in terms of sounding like the mics they emulate - in this case it's Shures, Sennheisers and Audix, and tonally they actually do - BUT - because it is the same capsule providing the capture what they cannot do is function like those famous mics. They can replicate the sound, the frequency response, but not the physical attributes - such as the casing, the grills, the suspensions and how they work in the common mic positions. U87s and 414s have different stereo 'feel' because the insides of the mics are not the same - modelling can't really do that. How wide is the cardioid pattern? All those mics are a bit different, but the modelling version won't be.

I think sending it back and having a think would be in order. Maybe then buy from a real dealer if you really liked the mic.
Hi again

Yes, I indeed meant condenser mic. I typed out my post on my phone while at work. The mic issue had been eating up my attention so when I found this forum I got excited... then forgot all about it. :-)

I ended up returning it to the Amazon seller, called Crazy Dave's Music, based out of Jacksonville, FL. I never did find out the source of the issue but I'm glad I returned it without trouble.

I ended up going with the "LCT 440 Pure" LD mic and have been loving it. In time, I'd like to get a decent small diaphragm condenser mic to record acoustic guitar in stereo but in the meantime, I really love the sound of the 440. May go with an LCT 140 AIR down the road for the SD.

Anyways, I really do appreciate the feedback!