echo layla 24 96 without pci?

hey all,

i'm thinking of selling my focusrite octopre (with digi card) and replacing it with analog pres and 8 channels of conversion.

i've been having a look, and i'm wandering,

can the echo layla 24/96 be used standalone (without the pci card) as a set of converters?

in short, i'd want to run 8 lines in and one toslink out,

thanks in advance all :)

well,thanks for replying miroslav...

i wonder does anyone know of a hack or workaround for this?

or 8 channels of good conversion for the price of an octopre??


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The manual for my Echo Audiofire8 mentions standalone mode - you configure the device using the software mixer and then save to flash - but I haven't tried this myself.

I assume that the Audiofire Pre8 would be the same.

Of course, these are firewire devices.

If you do go this route, I suggest that you DON'T upgrade to the latest firmware as a number of users have reported performance issues on the Echo web forum.

thanks for that info paul, but i don't think it'll help.

the octopre i have could be used for line ins and adat out as a standalone unit, but i'd rather trade/sell it for converters only.