Easiest way to loop samples in Reaper?

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Hello everybody

I need some help, I imported an mp3 and I need to loop a certain part of the song. Back in the day on my old set up in Sony Acid I could just move the wavelength to the precise part where I wanted to loop to play. With Reaper it seems like I can only move the wave to the next beat. I know there is a way to change the setting to where I can expand/contract the wave in the smallest of fractions. To me this way is so much easier since I can just mess with the wave until I hear where the loop should start.

So if anybody could show me how to change the settings so I can manipulate the wave the way I prefer I would greatly appreciate it.


From what I'm understanding, you need to turn off "Snap to Grid" or something like that. I'm not in front of my computer, so I can't open REAPER right now. But look for "Snap" or "Grid" or "Snap/Grid" options.

Or better yet, read the shit below me. :D


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First you want to turn off Snap (ALT+S) then you can more precisely shrink your beat/part of a tune that you want. Then Put Snap back on (ALT+S) and move you beat to align with the grid.

To stretch it to fit whatever measures you want, hold down (ALT) and move the cursor to the edge of the beat and the cursor becomes a hand. You can then drag/stretch the part to fit.

If the beat or what ever doesn't line up completely, you can cut the the beat at each count, (S) and then hold down (ALT) and move the cursor until you see 2 hands on the split and then drag/stretch. This will stretch both parts to the correct measure.

If you want to make a continuous loop from that part, select all the parts that are cut up. (SHIFT+Left Click on the first and last part) then Right Click and Glue Items. Now if you just drag the beat out, it will repeat itself for as many times as you want, like any other looped file. Or you can copy and paste.

If that makes any sense, I hope it helps.

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If you want to make a continuous loop from that part, select all the parts that are cut up. (CTRL+Left Click...
Shift-Click selects every item between. CTRL-Click will select individual items - in this case only the first and the last. I guess I'm not completely sure what happens if there are items between first and last when you Glue. Maybe it just works?

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Sorry, yeah that was a typo (Mistake, Error, Cock Up) Shift + Left Click - I'm so used to everything being CTRL+..... I got carried away when typing it out, even though I was actually doing what I was typing and making sure the correct info was given. I still managed to cock it up. lol

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