Dubbing tapes recorded at slightly different speed


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I owned a B&W cassette tape deck that recorded at 1 7/8ips and 3 3/4ips. The tapes I have recorded from the deck at 1 7/8 were recorded slightly faster, so on present decks they sound slow, slow enough to be unlistenable at that speed. I would like to know who has variable speed decks out there that I can dub older tapes and correct the speed issue.
I do not have a recording deck at the present time, and would like to go to another analog or possibly DAT in the future. Any suggestions?
Nearly all cassette decks have adjustable speed capabillity. Here's how:

1. Carefully remove the outer cover to the deck. (with power cord unplugged).

2. Observe the inside of the unit, and locate the motor or motors. (These will be fairly large cylindrical devices, silver or black in color) you can also be sure it is the motor by looking for the pulley and rubber belt attached to it.

3. There will be several wires coming out of the motor casing, follow these to the circuit board.

4. After locating the terminations of the motor wires, look closely at the components on the board. The last device that the voltage goes through, will be some sort of a variable resistor. (Potentiometer).

5. This is the motor speed control. Use a small insulated screwdriver to adjust the speed of the tape recorder!

6. This can be done with the power disconnected, or if you are experienced and careful...... adjustments can be made while playing a tape. (Powered up).

Be careful, and I know you can do it!


Dom Franco