Dub Progressive, opinions/help


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I'm just getting started on this one, and I have a some more ideas on how I can make the track better, but I really wanted to run it by you guys before I make any permanent changes. Currently I plan on moving the drums around to make them sound more unique. I'm adding a more expressive wobble to the first drop to make it sound a bit more detailed. I feel like the intro piano is too high in pitch. Also after listening to it for more than a couple hundred times, the part after the first drop is getting extremely redundant and I don't think any of you guys are going to appreciate the kick shake kick shake formula that's going on. I'm just having some difficulty finding a pattern that sounds right without being cliche. Let me know if there is anything else that is off, the more criticism the better. If your not a fan of electronic music, than please don't comment saying how much you dislike electronic music, I need some honest loving care and if so I will definitely try and find a way to return the favor.

Bulls Hit

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I'm not a fan of that piano/xylophone sound in the first half of the tune. I do like the dirtier, gruntier noises you bring in at .54.