drums and compression


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I am working on a small project using a drum machine recorded onto a 4 trak minidisk. I have a nano compressor, and wanted to record the drum machine through this to get more punch. well, I got more punch, but the cymbals were wacked out. Do I need to take the cymbals and high hat out, or is there something I can tweak to record the intire drum tracks with compression? also, I have an sm 57 that I am using for vocals and guitar recording, would the ART tube mp preamp make a difference? thank you
I wouldn't use compression on the cymbals if you can get around it, just the kick and snare. Also, check out the December99 issue of HomeRecording magazine, as they have a large article on getting the most out of drums tracks, everything from mic techniques to getting more realistic sounds out of drum machines and loops.