Dragon, You've given me source material


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So I was gone for about 2 weeks and I come back to find this new forum. Good Work Dragon!!!

Funny thing is that I'm taking a class in teaching writing right now, and I'm reading heavily on composition theory.

I think this forum will really serve an intellectual curiosity for me, reading how writers go about their craft/muse (take your pick). I'm sure I'll have to write some lengthy shitsucker of a paper at the end, seems I already have a thesis and interview subjects. I'll post some things when the class itself cools off. Just some brainstorming, freewriting, and focused writing stuff that seems to work for me. Maybe Green Hornet can elaborate.

"She was a fast machine, she kept her motor clean, she was the best damn woman that I ever seen"

See I just wrote that, it works :D